DRM bites.

Four years ago I purchased Getting Things Done as an eBook through a website I no longer recall.

I still have the PDB file, but I no longer have the credit card I used when I purchased it. The book is encrypted with that credit card number.

Fortunately, I can log onto eReader.com (which is now a Barnes & Noble site), and the eBook is still listed in my account there. The website also allows me to reset the encryption to my current registered credit card

In theory, I can download the iPhone app, then install the eBook through the application.

In practice, the eBook won’t unlock after downloading. However, when I download it to the desktop, I can unlock it with the desktop app.

I then have to re-upload to eReader’s “personal bookshelf” and download through the app from there.

That copy will unlock with my credit card details.

So, how exactly is this good for the consumer?