LessWaz Goals 2012

Major Goals:


  • Goal Achieved!Beat gym run of 5 weeks without missing a session (last time I did this was in May-June 2010) – 10/02/2012 – Six weeks of three times per week.
  • Goal Achieved!Get down to under 136.8kg – lowest weight in the last decade, reached on 12 August 2009 – 16/02/2012 – 136.4kg
  • Goal Achieved!Walk 5km with a pace of under 9min/km – 24/01/2012 – Proof, yo!
  • Goal Achieved!Get down to under 300lbs – 18/02/2012
  • Get down to under 250lbs
  • Not cutting hair or shaving until goal of 125kg is reached.
  • Do 1000 steps at Ferntree Gully
  • Run 5km – Couch to 5k program


  • Goal Achieved!Walk 5kms in under an hour – 17/01/2012 – 46m25s – Proof, yo!
  • Not Achieved – 140kg by January 31st – Weight on Jan 31st: 140.1kg
  • Kind of Achieved – Start Couch to 5k program – Week 1 Day 1 completed 31/01 – putting off until improvement in core strength


  • Goal Achieved!200 Sit-ups by February 29th – 27/02/2012
  • Goal Achieved!Walk “The Block” – 10km route around four main roads bounding part of our suburb – 18/02/2012
  • Goal Achieved!135kg by February 29th – 22/02/2012 – 134.7kg


  • Kind of Achieved – Attempt Couch to 5k program again – Week 1 Day 1 NOT completed 27/03
  • Goal Achieved!130kg by March 31st – 23/03/2012 – 129.5kg


  • Goal Achieved!125kg by April 30th – HAIRCUT! – 14/04/2012 – 123.8kg
  • Goal Achieved!Row for 5mins on rowing machine – 06/04/2012
  • Attempt Couch to 5k program again
  • Attempt 1000 Steps


  • 120kg by May 30th
  • Jog for 5 mins


  • Dee Wasserfall

    Yo Waz! 1000 steps has been a goal of mine too! If you want someone to share what I anticipate will be a sweaty, gasping and un-pretty, but incredibly fulfilling experience, then let me know! Dee 🙂

  • Herman

    Hey man,

    I’m guessing you’re on a version of the Slow Carb diet? (i.e. Tim Ferris 4-Hour body)… I’ve had VERY good results using this one myself. It means eating a shedload of beans etc, to replace the white carbs which I cut out, but it’s totally worth it.

    Sugar or anything that spikes at all the insulin is the enemy, coke is the devil, and you’ll take a bit of time to get used to it with sugar-drops and feeling rubbish, but it evens out after a couple of weeks. The crazy thing was that I could eat any amount so long as there were no insulin-spiking foods in there and the weight just fell off. Your Youtube 1.8kg reports are pretty much in the mid-range of weekly loss (and it’s fat, trust me – you can’t lost 1.8kg of muscle in that time), but I’ve seen more come off regularly on people who are big.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Herman.

    Not specifically. I’m working on some blog posts explaining my personal process.

    I did read 4HB, but I just couldn’t get comfortable with it. It was a little too complicated to manage within the current framework (and budget!) of my life.

    The posts should be appearing on the main blog over the next couple of weeks – the first one is up now, but it’s really about how I got here in the first place.

  • Still struggling with the 20 steps at work 😉

    Trying to strengthen my right leg more because of my dud knee, but hopefully I’ll have dropped enough weight to attempt it before winter. I’ll let you know!