The exhaustion of depression

This is why depression is so exhausting. You either:

a. Give in to the emotions and find yourself feeling like you’re trapped bring thrashed around underwater in rough seas, unable to breathe and hanging on to the hope that you wash up on a beach before you drown…


b. Expend all your energy trying to separate what is real, and what is true; because, in spite of the crushing emotional weight on your chest and the sense that absolutely everything is falling apart… your brain is lying to you.

The emotions are absolutely real…

…they’re just not true.

  • Madison

    Hi there. I was researching Acrania when your blog popped up. I wanted to see if there was more information out there about it these days. In two days from today is the anniversary of my daughters death. She also had Acrania. I found out at 15 weeks. I received bad care and wasn’t given a choice of whether or not to terminate. They basically told me I would die if I kept her. I had an abortion and for nine years I have gone back and forth between, “I did the right thing” and “I shouldn’t have.” The hard part for me is that I have no body, no burial and no official record of her. But recently a psychic-medium told me my daughter was around me and that I have to let go and stop feeling guilty. She says she was already dying. She described her to me and she looks exactly the way she did when I have dreams of her. I know where you are coming from and the death of child is the absolute worst thing but I have to really thank my therapist. I wouldn’t have made it without her. My point is, it’s been nine years and I’m ok. I have had a child since and something amazing about her? She was born on Charlize’s due date!

  • Madison

    Ran out of space. Charlize is what we named our baby with Acrania. Anyway, if yall need anything or have questions. Let me know. I’m here for y’all!

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