Fifty-two and Twelve.

For reasons that are somewhat unclear to me, I find setting goals to be something akin to solving a Rubik’s cube. I know it’s possible, and other people can do it incredibly well, but even with a book giving me step-by-step instructions, I find it nearly impossible.

This year I plan to do the unthinkable, and set a list of goals for myself.

I plan to do a series of things each week, and each month, and next year.

52 Things

52 Meals: I plan to cook 52 new meals/recipes for my family. Recipes I’ve never cooked before. I plan to crack open the pile of recipe books we’ve collected, but I’m looking for suggestions.

52 Songs: I want to find a new good song each week to add to my collection.

52 Movies: My friends constantly reference movies I’ve never seen; the list of the movies that I should have seen and haven’t is downright embarrassing.

52 Books: I plan to read (and possibly review) 52 books this year. I will be re-reading some books, and reading some new ones.

52 Kilos: I want to lose 52 kilos this year. 1Kg a week on average. I’ve let things slide over the past few months, and I want to complete what I started.

52 Strips: I used to publish a comic strip regularly. I want to resurrect that strip this year. I’m not sure whether it’s going to be a reboot, or a continuation, but I have a week to make the decision and get started. This one is a maybe.

12 Things

12 Lives: I want to do something positive that affects or makes a difference in the lives of others once a month for the next twelve months. Whether it’s a donation of money, or time, or blood, I want to do something specific.

12 Meals: I plan to open my house to others at least 12 times over the next year to break bread and be a person. My natural instincts are insularity and withdrawal.

12 Experiences: I want to experience 12 new things over the next year. I plan to blog about these experiences.

12 Personal Goals: I plan to set 12 goals for myself to achieve that I won’t blog about, but do plan to have a couple of close friends keep me accountable on.

Now, there will probably be some overlap, and it may not necessarily be that 52 == 1 per week, but I want to look back and see a list of goals that I’ve achieved.

I’m tired of my relentless cynicism, and that of some of the people I’ve listened to this past year. I look back over the last year, and I’m not very happy with what I see.

Truth be told, I know that this is going to be a challenge of the highest order. I’m open to suggestions for things to try, things to cook and listen to, things to watch and things to do around Melbourne. In particular, places I might be able to volunteer and make a difference.

A little bit of encouragement and support wouldn’t go astray either šŸ˜‰

I want to change my life, and I want to make a difference to others. That’s my goal for 2010.

What’s yours?

  • Have you heard of the Day Zero project? Basically you create a list of 101 things you want to do in the next 1001 days. I have started my list but I haven’t got anywhere near 101 things on it yet šŸ™‚

    I am also pretty bad at making goals and with my boyfriend heading off to the Navy I was feeling pretty lost, even just thinking of a few things I’d like to get around do doing is making me feel less crazy!

    Keep us updated and I look forward to seeing your comic if and when it ever gets rebooted/resurected! šŸ™‚

  • Welsheagle

    Dude! LOVE IT! I would like to talk to you more about this, because i believe this can also make a positive impact on “Community” as a whole… what you think?

    You happy to share?

    Proud of you bro!! really do LOVE IT!

  • Ant

    Hey Waz,

    I’m encouraged.

    Good stuff – I’d say good luck but we don’t believe in luck – so God luck buddy.

  • Jordy

    This is awesome my friend. I’m pondering some of the same things in my life. Especially spendig time with God and time with God and my family. On thing I struggle with is time, to much time on the iPhone and laptop. To much time procrastinating.

    Dude this is awesome I bless u in this new mind set.

  • Awesome idea! I’m with you on the recipes! I am actually planning on a different 365 project taking a photo of something edible each day, be it a meal or a snack or whatever. But food related!

  • Karina

    Hey Waz!
    i’ve just discovered this blog of yours….And I wanted to congratulate you on it. Great reading. Plus, I like this format of goal setting…think I might try it out myself!